The Process

What does OVP offer?

Currently, OVP is only doing Full Builds and is not accepting any partial work, remodels, troubleshooting of other vans/RV’s, or consultations.

*If you are looking to do your own DIY conversion, Check out Alpine Van Works for some great kits and components.

Do I need to already have a van?

Nope! We have connections with dealerships all over the west coast. If you don’t yet have a van, we can help you spec & source one.

What vans do you work on?

We currently only work on Mercedes Sprinter’s & Ford Transits for our Cascade Series builds. However, for a full custom build - see below.

What is a full custom build?

We can build out a variety of vans or expedition trucks. Our Full Custom Builds including but are not limited to: Earthroamer Core Chassis, DBL Designs, Severe Duty Ford/Dodge, and Stewart & Stevenson LMTV Military Trucks.

How do I get an estimate?

Send us an email! We will get some details on what you are looking for and we will schedule a call to figure out the best layout for your needs.

We have a long list of carefully curated interior and exterior components, as well as, a large variety of cabinetry components that we have been refining for years - to get you the best quality van for the price. You can pick and choose what will work best for you and your needs!

Once we get a close estimate of cost and layout, it's best to put down a deposit, to move onto the next step of a 3D Rendering of your design, where we can hammer out the details on colors of flooring, cabinets, walls, ceiling, accessories, etc.

What does it take to hold a build slot?

Put down a deposit to hold your spot! Build-slots fill up quickly, we require a $500.00 reservation fee to hold your build-slot. It will be applied to your build when the time comes but it is non-refundable if you cancel your build, except under special circumstances.

Once your deposit is made, changes can still be made to your quote.

Please Note: Large changes will likely change the price; however, we include holds for standard finishes in most estimates.

Note: Be careful on YouTube and blogs! There is a lot of information and a lot of MIS-INFORMATION. People with below-average credentials are often confident in their stupidity.

What happens when I drop off the van?

Upon drop off, ½ the price of the build-out will be due. In the interest of our clients (and the disinterest of the big banks), we do not charge everyone an extra 3% on their build to cover credit card fees. We recommend paying with cash, check, or wire transfer: those paying with a credit card will have to cover the 3% fee.

How long does it take?

During the build, you will be updated with progress photos and phone calls. The builds typically take 10-14 weeks to complete and you are free to stop by at any time! *Please schedule your drop by with adequate notice.

Upon turnover, you will receive a walkthrough of your van and all of your warranties and manuals will be organized within a binder. At this time the remainder of the cost of the build-out is due along with any additions and changes made during the build.  

And the warranty?

Your build-out is covered by a 1-year warranty for any issues with material or installation. We strive to make your travels as hassle-free as possible!